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Interpretation Center of Chocolate

Before the eighteenth century, workers came to Astorga from other provinces to learn the craft of making chocolates. Astorga was famous at the time for making chocolates by stone.
The origins of the artisan in Astorga is due to the Maragatos Arrieros that transported the fish from the Galician ports to Madrid. They discovered a few cacao beans in the port and brought it to Astorga. Then the chocolate began to be manufactured.

Molde para hacer tabletas de chocolate en Astorga
Molino para cacao para hacer chocolate en Astorga.
Maquinas para hacer chocolate en Astorga

As a result of our family experiences in the Chocolate World we decided to showcase a small part of our family history in the chocolate industry. With the help of our 3 teachers from each generation we pieced together a collection focusing on the production of chocolates and sweets.

For our collection to represent "La Cepedana Chocolatería", we showcased our collection of machines for the production of chocolate, chocolatiers, labels, cards, calendars, arm stones......... and countless tools we had used in world of chocolate.

In our collection we have very unique machines, some of them being are more than 100 years old. They are in perfect condition and are still used for the production of our chocolate. We hope that visitors are able to enjoy the process of making the chocolate as much as we. Through this, we hope we are able to spread our chocolate heritage that we treasure so much.


Since 1903 the chocolates of la Cepedana has been part of the history of chocolates in Astorga and the whole region. With more than 40 factories that coexisted in the 30s, 40s, and 50s, it makes Astorga a unique place. The imporance it has had in the economic sector is immense. We can confidently say that ASTORGA has been the "City of Chocolate" for many years and even today remains a must see for lovers of sweetness.
Today we have a Municipal Museum of Chocolate that illustrates the importance for the "chocolate sector" had on the city of Astorga and still maintains its presence despite difficulties.

After many debates in medical literature, it is has been stated that chocolate consumed in moderation can promote cardiovascular health. This is due to the POLYPHENOLES that are the main substances contained in CACAO.

Antigua lata de Chocolates La Cepedana

Lastly, we having a saying here in our store about our chocolates. "Excellent chocolate should always be four things: THICK, SWEET, HOT AND MADE BY HANDS OF WOMEN"

Vista del interior del Centro de Interpretación del Museo del Chocolate en Astorga


Interpretation Center of Chocolate


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